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Who's completed a 3V or 4V swap?


July 15, 2005
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Madison, WI
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Madison, WI
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'23 Ex ST
My latest Explorer is an '03 4.6 Centennial 4WD that sounds like it may have a rattle in the bottom end. So, I'm researching options to replace it. I'm wondering if anyone has swapped in an Aviator DOHC or maybe a 3V. I've seen a few threads from people pondering similar questions but there is only one here that I've seen has been completed. Unfortunately, the thread is light on details.

I'm looking for info on whether the accessories will swap over, what PCM is required (I've read that you can use the OEM ECC 4 with the variable timing locked out on the 3V), are there any differences between the Aviator 5R55 and Ex, can the fuel system on the Ex be used with the Aviator?

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One member swapped in a DOHC 5.4L.

Do you know who that was? I found the thread from Gotta Big Block with the 2v 5.4 swap with sounds unbelievable easy. I wish there were some pics and maybe a condensed thread with the swap info though.

While I personally have not experienced any 3rd gen modular swaps, I can tell you a few key issues.

Flex plate is an issue if you choose anything with an 8 bolt crank(5.4)(Aviator, 3v 4.6 is 6 bolt). There are people that have been running double welded flex plates making it work but not necessarily my type of solution.

Pcm isn't much of an issue, it's just splicing the cop wires in for a dohc engine. Same with the fuel system, it's all pretty plug and play as long as you have the right flowing injectors for your application. Flex fuel injectors are way different in flow so keep that in mind with pcm tune.

Motor mounts are setup for aluminum block, steel blocks differ on 1 hole.

If it was my truck I'd find a good 4.6 3v block and throw your 2v heads on it. That way you can run the upgraded oil pump and have the larger oil galleys.