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Why does my A/C decline while I accelerate?


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May 8, 2015
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Valdosta, Ga
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2002 Explorer Eddie Bauer
hi, I have a 2002 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer edition. My AC in the truck often goes out if I were to hit the gas. It didn't always do this but has been doing this since 2014... Wow I am sitting still is normal but if I am getting on the interstate on the on ramp and have to accelerate quickly the AC doesn't return until a few minutes later....

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what is wrong is your system is low on r134a. Why the problem occurs: when an A/C system is low on charge the suction pressure is always low and near the cut out limit (~20 psi). When idling the compressor is not spinning fast enough to pull below the cut out and remains on and keeps the a/c cold. But when accelerating the compressor is moving a lot of refrigerant and is able to pull the suction pressure way below the ~20 psi cut out. But because you are low on charge, it has less liquid in the evaporator to boil off and has to boil off all of it in order to re activate the a/c compressor (~45 psi). Hope this helps.


possibly fan clutch or compressor clutch... thats a WAG though.

Well, Joe is on the right track, just one more piece of info we need from you to tell if Joe is right, or if it is a different problem: when your A\C "goes out" is the blower still going and through the vents you have selected, just not blowing cold? Or is the blower either seeming to stop, slow down, or coming out the wrong vents? If it is involving the blower, you have a loss of vacuum, the air diverters and blend door are controlled by vacuum, causing it to default to defroster vents when vacuum is lost, which can seem like the blower either stopped or slowed.

How you already noted it comes back "a few minutes later" kinda makes me think that Joe is probably right, but, just figured I'd add what I could to try and help you out.

When you "hit the gas" are you doing a WOT pull through the gears (0-60+)? If so, the A/C usually shut off when you do that.