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Why does my car still smell like varnish?

Mike 92 XLT

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July 27, 1999
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Alright, here's the deal. A year ago, I started getting a gas/varnish smell while idling. Basically, while sitting in traffic, I could smell it coming through the vents. I could also smell it around the engine if I opened the door or window. I can't smell anything while driving. I first replaced the charcoal canister solenoid. Fixed it for a little while, then the smell came back. Replaced the charcoal canister and that didn't help. I thought maybe the solenoid I got from NAPA went bad, so I replaced it again, but it still smells. What should I check next?



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Anything related to the fuel system such as a leaking fuel injector seal or the feed and return lines from the fuel injector manifold. If you have the EGR system on your vehicle (all that crap on the drivers side upper intake manifold) you probably won't be able to see the fuel injectors on that side.

There really isnt much that can go wrong with the evaporative emissions system aside from lose or broken hoses and the CANP solenoid which you have already changed twice.

I'm guessing that you can't smell anything while driving due to the large amount of air moving over the engine. It goes without saying that if you smell fuel you have a leak, and the fuel delivery system on the 4.0 is pretty simple.

Good luck.

BTW how much longer do you have in that s**thole?

Originally posted by TDG
BTW how much longer do you have in that s**thole?

Less that 3 months, and believe me, no one is happier about that than I am. I graduate April 27th.

No EGR system on it, so I guess I just get to start checking for leaks as soon as the weather gets warmer and I can stand to be outside for any reasonable amount of time. Thanks Tim!



My reading comprehension skills decrease as my blood alcohol content increases. I always though you had a 94 with EGR. Good luck on getting out of there.


Originally posted by TDG
BTW how much longer do you have in that s**thole?


Mike... about the gas smell... I think you should start with a shower, maybe even wash your clothes.... lata

I had the infamous gas smell problem and it took me forever to locate it; turned out to be a faulty fuel line.

Look at the following thread about the situation: Dead Link Removed

Good luck....

Thanks for the info Al, I'll check that out.

Thanks for the heads-up Bill. :D