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Why dont my 12" subs fit my 12" box?


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July 24, 2005
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Maitland, florida
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'96 XLT 5.0
Well, i upgraded my infinity reference 1252's, and got some kappa perfect 12.1's, i go to put them in and they dont fit the holes correctly, if I line up the top hole, the bottom still has room left inside the hole, i dont get it, i thought 12 inches is 12 inches, any suggestions?

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The outside diamater of the basket is probably smaller on your new subs.
set them side by side & I bet you see the difference.

dont have the references anymore, do i need to get a new box?

not all woofers have the same OD or cutout diameter.

for best results the enclosure should be tailored to the individual woofer anyway


yeah, you will prolly need to get a new box, your only other option is to make a new box front out of a new peice of wood and attach it over your old one, just cut new holes to fit the new subs, other than that, your better off getting a new box, if you want one, lemme know, i get them for super cheap, you'll just have to see whether or not its cheap for you after shipping, lemme know

If you can center the sub so that the gap is minimal on all sides, the foam/gasket on the backside will take care of minor imperfections in the seal.