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Why's my Explorer taking so long??


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A bunch of folks wanted to know why it has taken two months to get this far on my Explorer. I took some shots of FST's shop today. This will give you an idea of what they are working on at the same time. Besides these project vehicles they work on smaller day to day projects such as bumpers, nerf bars, roll cages etc.


They just did the tilt front end, roll bar and Beard seats, in this Jeep. BTW, that's one of my Baja Claws leaned up against the Jeeps front tire :D


This is FLY-N-HI's new Class 8 Unlimited Race Truck


This Jeep is going to Australia. It has a teflon coated frame and all of the fabricated steel is teflon coated as well. This was a complete frame up project using all the best stuff.


The Jeep in the backround is a Jeepster, to it's left (unseen) is an old Willys wagon undergoing a full resto and modifications, including a small block Chevy.


Here is a sprint car they built, it's still under way.

Behind my truck is the bosses TJ which is going to be awesome. It has super extreme goodies. Their parking lot holds various projects being done in the "spare time" of the shops employees plus the day to day stuff that they work on. To say the least...they're a busy shop.

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Is that a New Style Front nose your putting on your Explorer? If so, I can't wait to see how it looks!

Yep, its the '98 style front end with pre-runner style fenders.

not to sound like a Moron, but what makes Pre-Runner Fenders different from Stock Fenders?

The fenders have a big bulge to allow full travel of a race suspension. I guess they should actuall be called race fenders not pre-runner. The hood and fenders are also made of fiberglass.

Ok thanks for the Lesson in Fender Terminology.

If you are ever in the need for a Stock, slightly used, Chrome Grill for 95-98 style, let me know I have one in my garage collecting dust for the time that I need it, or someone else needs itmore then myself. It was given to me by a friend, that said he knew someone who didn't want it cause there was a small scratch in it. Well let me tell you, they must have been looking with a magnifying glass cause we can NOT find any major scratches in it, that aren't from the time it was Slightly used. IOh well tiem for me to go home now, bub bye!

Chris, just a suggestion. Trim down your signature file so it isn't longer than some of your posts :D The link to your page is the best thing you can have besides your name and location.

I wish they had a shop like that near me! I have knowladge of only 2 4wheelin shops around, and they don't do may fabs. They are expensive as you know what, too. I have talked with some friends and want to open a place up like that. Fly-N-Hi is the perfict example of what I want, but i don't think there is a real market for that here in central VA. Instead we are going to try and open a car audio/performance/4 wheel shop. If the 4 wheel part takes off, it's all mine!! Sounds like a thing to do after college though.

I can't wait to see the finished product! Even though I do like the 91-94, it will look awsome with the new 98 look. I always enjoyed looking at the 2nd generation explorers lifted, and or with big tires. Hope everything works out though.. soundslike Char is going crazy ;) !