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Wife says Explorer doesn't like me


December 15, 2007
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02 XLS 4x4
We bought our 2002 XLS 2 weeks ago, and every so often when I am starting from a dead stop the thing will kind of make a clunk (one time) when shifting gears. I think it's between 2nd and 3rd gear. It is an automatic, 4x4, V6 with 81,000 miles on it.

It doesn't to it all the time and it has never done it with my wife. I can't tell if it's the tranny or the rear end and shifts very smoothly most of the time.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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First thing that comes to mind is, the computer learns the best shifting strategy (and a bunch of other stuff) partially based on the way the driver drives.

Two drivers, two different driving styles. The computer may take some time to adjust to your driving if it's adjusted itself to your wife's driving. It may also not be as responsive to your wife's driving after you've been driving for a while, but it may manifest that in ways other than hard shifting (that your wife may not notice).

Thanks Rick, I think I read somewhere on here that the computer has to reprogram itself after you replace the battery. Is this kind of what you mean?

Maybe the slip yoke needs to be greased.

If it was the transmission, wouldn't do it all the time?

Sorry, I should have done a search first. I found tons of stuff on this problem!

Thanks anyway.