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Will '07 sport trac rims fit '01 sport trac??


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April 9, 2010
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'01 Sport Trac 4x4

I was thinking of getting some 18" rims that were from an 2007 sport trac. I was woundering if they would fit my 2001 sport trac? Or would i need to get spacers or something like that. Also if anyone has any pics of these rims on a 2001-2005 ST. I am having a hard time picturing what they would look like. Thanks.

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Bolt pattern is the same but the offset isn't so you would need spacers.


Thanks for the info about the rims! The guy who was selling them is not selling anymore. :mad: They look GREAT on your ST!

I went to a junkyard today to get a part. Here's a picture of a cash for clunkers 2nd Gen Explorer Limited with what looks to be 3rd Gen Explorer wheels on it. See how they sit in too far?? That's why you need the spacers.


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Does anyone have pics of the the reverse. I just bought a 2007 Eddie Bauer and I'm not happy with the chrome-plastic wheels. They look cheap to me. I want to put the wheels from my 01 Sport on it.