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Will 2001 Mustang GT 17x8 rims work on 95 Explorer XLT???

Hello guys,

I am new to this Board, and I was wondering if a set of stock 2001 Mustang GT alloy 17"x8" wheels will fit onto my 1995 Ford Explorer XLT 4x2??? I tow a lot, go in trails to drop off my dirt bike and also go skiing a lot, so I don't want to lower my truck, and I don't want to put a low profile tire on. I want to keep my truck slightly aggressive in all terrain situations. But I don't want to have to raise my truck too.

I currently have 15"x7", 5 lug, 4.5" stock rims w/30x9.5 General Grabber AP
Stock rim offset????

The Mustang GT rims I am looking @ are on ebay,
17"x8", 5 lug 4.5"
offset is + 32mm

I have all stock suspension settings and want to know;

1st if these wheels will mount on w/o any mods (cause I can't afford to do any)

2nd if they are going to rub in anyway @ all!

3rd if they will mount, what is the biggest tire size I can go up to (265/70/17)???

4th what kind of tires would you recomend putting on, I was thinking of a slightly aggressive tire;
Pirelli Scorpion I All Season
Dunlop Rover RV
Goodyear Wrangler ATS
BFGoodrich All Terrain TA
any others???

And if anyone has a line of where I might be able to get a good deal on these rims (if they work) and some tires to, I would appriciate it! The rims go for aroud $350.00 a set on ebay, tires???

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October 29, 2001
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'95 XLT
Oh...... and also do you think that the center caps will be a problem??

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October 16, 2001
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Personally, I wouldn't go with it if you do a lot of towing and hauling. Plus, big tires on a Mustang rim wouldn't look too great in my opinion :(