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Will 2005 Cargo Security Shade fit 2002 Explorer XLS?


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December 16, 2010
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2002 Explorer XLS
Will 2005 Cargo Security Shade fit 2002 Explorer XLS?

I couldn't find this subject in any links. Sorry if I missed one.

Please click on the link below to a shade for a 2005 Ford Explorer on Amazon.com.

Cargo Security Shade, Med. Dk. Graphite for Ford Explorer

Price: $112.00

Product Features
Fits: 2005 Ford Explorer

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Shouldnt be a problem mate, seeing as the body style of the 3rd gens stayed the same between 02 and 05.

Thank you, Greg.

I thought they were the same; but I needed to have a knowledgeable person agree, since I just got started in the Explorer business. Sometimes the most obvious answer is the best one.

I recommend checking craigslist. I got a used cargo shade in excellent shape for $10. You have to be patient. eBay & Amazon charge way too much. Plus there could be shipping charges too. Check craigslist every day. Eventually you will find a killer deal.
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Definately should fit.
I would recommend going up to a 4th gen cargo shade. I like my 4th gen cargo shade a lot better than my old 3rd gen one. Seems to be a bit better in quality, and more sturdy.
I agree with rondo, check craigslist and other local classified ads.