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Will 235/65/18's work (no rubbing) on a 3rd gen?


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May 31, 2010
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So I read the post below. Still not sure if my question has been answered, I just need some reassurance here. So I want to eventually buy some ironman style rims or some rims like those from someone with custom rims on their 4th gen. Will the 235/65/18 tire work on our 3rd gens?

Factory wheel specs:
Size:16x7.5 and 17x7.5
Offset: +43or +45??????

Size:Any rim from 16s to 24s have been installed
Offset: it depends on rim width but +43 to -12 have been fitted so search and sharpen your math skills.

Tire size:
Stock height: 265/75 is the most common used with no rubbing.
3 inch Body lift: 265s to be safe but people have fit 285s with some trimming.
Btf spacers: 265s are recommended.
Body lift and btf spacers: 285s

Will add more info tomarrow
Is there anyway we can get this stuck?

Yeah that will for sure fit that only like a 30 inch tall setup.... you can go 32 inch just fine