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will 275/65/18 fit?

February 4, 2011
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rapid city, south dakota
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02 eddie bauer
im getting close to getting my spacers 2.00/1.50 (keeping it on the safe side for the balljoints) and i was wondering if i could sqeeze some 32 1/2 (basically 33s) on the X without rub. the wheels are gear alloy double pump. im choosing 18s cause not alot of people are running them with a lift and if someone is id love to see some pictures. the tires are firestone. i just need to make sure they will fit before i make the move. if they will only fit with the 2.25 spacers then ill do it. just let me know what you got and whats best for me. (again its 275/65/18)


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It depends on the offset of the wheels. With an offset no less than stock, they might fit; any closer to the control arm than that and they definitely will not work.

im not liking these mixed respones...

they should fit. just get the rims with atleast 4.5" of back spacing and somewhere near +12 to -6 offest. if they still rub then just do a 1.5" body lift. if you have the minivan style running boards you might have to ditch them for the tires not to rub (tubular running boards are fine)

My 265-75-16"s rubbed when I had 2" spacers. I now have 1.5 front and 1.25 rears. they still rub lol!

thanks guys. and i planned on removing the running boards anyway