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Will 275/65/20's fit an 02 XLS 2wd?


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January 7, 2008
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02 XLS
Will the 275/65/20's fit without rubbing on a stock 02' xls 2wd? Or will bigger springs be required?

any info would be great. I currently have 20" rims on the truck with some 275/45/20's but I want some off road tires. The sport truck looking tires just don't cut it (for looks or performance)


probably not. i have 285/50/20's which (barely) fit and the 275/65's are a much taller tire.

i agree; i also had 275/45's and they looked too thin. my 285/50's are taller and look much much better, but that will probably be as big as you can go without taller springs. my next tire will be those Cooper Zeon LTZ's, which do come in 285/50/20, and are more of an offroad tire and looks pretty aggressive.

an explorer can fit a tire of about 32 inches in diameter... if u put ur tire size into this equation u can figure out its diameter (this is neglecting width, which could also be an issue)

tire size X aspect ratio (as a percentage)
that answer X .03937 (converts to inches)
that answer X 2 (upper and lower tire area)
that answer + rim diameter

so u would start out by multiplying 265 and .2 (20 as a percent)... continue the rest of the equation and that should answer ur question