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Will 30'' fit?

Hey i am going to get some rock crawler 15x8 wheels and i need to know what the largest size tire i could run on my 94 xlt. I want atleast 30's and i have no lift. Whats a good offroad tread to run for cheap? Can i get any aggressive tread for under 100 each? Thanks

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30" will fit no problem, I do think you can fit 31s on a 1st gen w/o a problem. I got BFGoodrich All-Terrains for around $105 each. They were blemished(still can't find out the blemish).

Some can run 31"s with no lift and no rub ( liek me ) and other have a lil rub at full turn ??

so its up to u

and im not sure bout ur tires youll jsut have to shop around


I believe you can fit 31's without a lift and it only rubs on the front swaybar. As far as the tires I really don't know. I have the Geolander AT +II's and I really like them. I got mine for under 90 bucks a peice. After shipping they where right about 100 bucks. I don't think they are really an off road tread design but I haven't had any problems. I don't do any hardcore stuff, though, but not bad. They are soft. You have to rotate at least every 3-5000 miles. Hope this helps some.

31s would be pushin it so buy my 30s (bfg all terrain tako with <5000 miles on them, just dirty but not damaged at al) for CHEAP

Hey im going with a 15x8 us wheel plain black steel wheel. The only thing im wonderin is what size 30;s will fit on the wheel, like what width. Ill prolly just order the rims online and get the tires somewhere else, but whats the max width i can go on the tire.


I have a set of 31'' BFG's on mine at stock height. i haven't had any troubles with them. Now i just put a 2'' body lift and a 2'' spacers with add a-leafs in my 94 last week. now i need to go to bigger tires i tried a freinds 33-12.50-15 mud t/a's on and thet will fit but i need to trim the fenders to keep them from rubbing when offroading. SO I think i will go to 32''s to keep from cutting the fenders.

i have 32s with my 3 31/2 inches...SS, i think a 15x8 wheel needs a 10.50 width at least i would think...im not really sure, im more used to issues with having a bigtirewith a thinner rim! I have 32 1150s on 15x8s and its a perfect fit with even tire wear and they are secure onthe wheel...theoretiucally you can fit at least a 35 on a 8 inch rim but then the tread crowns some...Joey, make me an offer you find fair, i need toget rid of these tires!

I'm not too good at making offers, but how much would you like to see them go for? What do you have to get for them? How about shipping? would you ship? I have fairly new tires now but I am thinking about some new ones down the road. Let me know okay.

Hey man, sorry that took so long to respond...i was real busy with finals and training...yeh shiping would probably be expensive...i mean these are nearly brand new tires...so 350 but you gotta pay shipping which i wouldnt be surprised if its like 100...colorado is a long way from virginny

Yeah that's okay it took you so long. Yeah I didn't think about shipping. That would be a long way. 100 bucks sounds about right for shipping. For 450 bucks I could almost get a brand new set at a tire store. Besides I decided, after my tires wear out now, I am going to get 31x10.50s. So anyway good luck selling them.

yeh oh well...but 5 31s are gonna cost you 625 bucks for the bfgs...

if you are getting 30x9.5s or 31x10.5s and you dont plan on going bigger, get a 15x7 wheel especially on the 30, a 15x8 is fine on 10.5 up to 12.5. but 15x7 will be a good fit for both the 30x9.5 and 31x10.5

yep... but regardless someone should buy my tires for sale:D

real quick comment, save your money and get the 235/75s. They're cheaper than 30s and are just a hair smaller. I compared them to my spare, and you can hardly tell. The only difference i see is they are slightly wider.

yeh, 30s are just about 1 inch bigger...they look real good and fit any stock well on any year explorers...I stil lhave these for sale...yeah shipping makes these more expensive that 235s however they are worth it