Will 32's on 15x7 match hight w/ 32's on my 15x8? | Ford Explorer Forums - Serious Explorations

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Will 32's on 15x7 match hight w/ 32's on my 15x8?

I have 32x11.5 on my 15x8 AR767's. I just found a nearly new Grabber AT tire at a local shop (32x11.5) for $50. I'm going to get it tomorrow but I'm concerned that mounting it on my stock 15x7 spare rim will make the whole tire hight (& diameter) different than my driving tires on 15x8.

Does anyone know if 32's on a 15x7 are higher than on 15x8's? If so, how much of a difference?



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If you're just using it as a spare it will be fine, little difference. But don't mix wheels for permanent use.

Buy a new rim... They are under $40 bucks arent they?

I'm thinking that if there is even a slight difference in height it could put a strain on the limited slip in the rear. I wouldn't leave it but if I had to drive a long distance with the spare you think it could do any damage?



just curious but where are you planning on holding that spair tire? i got my fingers crossed over here hoping you came up with an idea cause i need one.

I have a plan to build a bracket that comes off with two right angles to the ground with a baby-coach wheel attached on each side... then I just hitch it up and tow it behind me. I think it will work.


If that doesn't work I throw it in the back for now.


Seriously though, I'm considering looking for a rear bumper with a tire carrier... although it seems many I've seen were custom. If I have to I'll put it on the roof rack when I've repaired that.


Also if your rims are different weights that could throw the LS or ABS off.

The height and weight difference will be small enough for a spare. Like I said, ok for short distances. For max safety, have the exact same spare rim as the other 4.