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Will a 84 ford ranger grunt lift fit my 94 ford explorer

Jim wright

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March 12, 2018
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94 Explorer XLT
Can a 4 inch lift off a 84 for ranger fit my 94 explorer?

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I would bet it would

should be the same, look under both make sure they bolt up same spots is all,,

Thay look the same to me my son thinks Thay won't fit because the computer says it doesn't but I still think it will

The 84 Ranger has a D28 front axle, the Explorer has a D35. Similar axles, the 35 is bigger in some aspects, so some axle mounting points on the kit may be smaller.
I would compare those spots carefully if you have both trucks in front of you.

I do have both of them close by or at least another Explorer close to the Ranger I also went to a friend of mine at O'Reilly's and he looked up part numbers for the suspension he says it should work that the part numbers are the same for the springs now I just got to work on getting a suspension lift for the back as well or go spring over instead of spring under

These are the brackets that came off the other truck off the 84 Ranger to put I'm going to put on my Explorer 94





Yes it will fit
The front drop brackets from a 1983-1997 ranger are same as 91-94 explorer