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Will a 96 4r70w fit in a 2000 expo?


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May 11, 2015
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I'm buying a 2000 awd expo with a blown tranny and have a 96 awd expo with a working tranny. Both 5.0s. Is the harness the same to the point where everything will plug in and work as it should without throwing codes?

No, the 98+ trans has wiring changes in the VB, better accumulators, better DTRS(range sensor), plus the much stronger mechanical diode. You can force/make the pre 98 trans work in the later trucks, but it's not worth it unless you had no choice and no money. Sell off the 96 parts as needed, but find a 98-01 Explorer trans, which bolts right in given the matching 2WD/4WD version.