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May 19, 2002
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Gig Harbor, WA
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91' EB Explorer 4dr
Dont worry this isnt another Warrior Shackles and F150 Spacers question. Ha Ha. But if i do put on the Warrior Shackles and the Spacers will i need new bushings? All you people that have put on just these two things let me know. Cool Later


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Changing bushings is really a decision based on mileage and driving "style" versus adding components.

If you ex is still handling fine than probably not. Check for mushrooming or "ovaling" (sleeve off center) cracking or just soft.

If you have lots of body lean/sway and misc vibrations that don't get solved by wheel balance or allignment and all your other suspension components check out then bushings are a good thing to replace.

If you were putting on a complete new lift kit then of course replace em all. They will be you weekest point.

I replaced everything on my 91 (100k) and noticed a huge improvement:

Front sway bar
Rear sway bar
Spring eye bushings
Shackle bushings
Radius arm bushings
Axle pivot bushings


I Just got new arms and bushings on my x yesterday. All for stock. So i should be fine if i just put on Shackles and Spacers right? All i will need is Allignment after i put those on correct?


Yes, any change to the front end (excluding sway bar) will require an alignment. Depending on how high your spacers are you may also require the 2 degree camber bushings.


Just 2 Inch Spacers. Will my stock new bushings be fine u think?

Probably not..

With the 2" skyjacker I had to replace the c bushings.

So has anybody done them and not had to put on new bushings?

It is really an issue of age/spring sag... Sorry there is no magic bullet here...

Ex's sag big time with age. For example my 2" springs from skyjaker lifted the front of my explorer 4". This means my ex sagged 2" from the day it was born.

You may get lucky, if you call it that, and end up having so much sag that your spacers bring you back up to or near stock height and not require the bushings. If not plan on buying the bushings...