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Will I need wheel spacers for these wheels on my ST?


March 15, 2010
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Southern Illinois
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'02 Sport Trac 4x4
Hello all,

I ordered some new wheels today for my 02 ST 4x4 and was wondering if they will bolt up or if I will need to order wheels spacers as well.

The wheels are ProComp 1079 16x8 with 4" backspace and -11mm offset

The tires going on them are Cooper ATR 265x75x16.

Truck has a TT and lifted shackles.

Thanks for any help!

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I'm sure someone will fix or confirm my reply

That offset should be fine for an '02

to check plug your truck in to tirerack.com, and see what the offset is on the wheels they suggest, no spacers would be required for the ones that show in their list.

Those wheels will work just fine. I ran 15x8s with 3.75" backspacing and 33x12.50s.

They will work perfect! I just had my Pro Comp 8179's with the same dims as yours. They are awesome! Actually bring the wheels/tires out about 1" which is perfect since the oem's sat to far inside of the whell well.

Thanks guys! Wheels fit great and look good. Will post pics soon.