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will my expo be able to run over my ranger?!


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April 4, 2006
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Highland, Md
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92 XLT
i joined this forum to learn more about my explorer and how to lift it best and stuff..but i also hav an 86 ranger 2wd 2.3L 4cyl...its fun to wheel around and stuff..wouldnt ever lift it and waste my time since i hav the explorer for that..but i was thinkin on myabe droppin it...i think it'd look cool its already saggin pretty low..and i kno them old boxy trucks look prtty good slammed..and so i been seriously thinkin about it for a while..does anyone hav any thought on this? i kno its like..trucks arent for droppin but my trucks a tird..and i alreayd liftin the explorer for wheelin..so it'd improve th elook and the aerodynamics..plu smy buddy did a photoshop of my truck to show me wut it could look like slammed..haha so now i wunna do it..anyways any help would be appreciated..thanks a lot