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Will OD light always flash?

I'll go down now and check...it's a black plug on what side of the trans? Passenger or drivers side?

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HAHAAAA...I just went down to look at my truck again. Lo and behold, my oxygen sensor harness was burned through and stuck to the exhaust manifold on the passengers side. Metal wire against metal manifold = short= blown fuse.

And I TOLD the mechanic to check my 02 sensor harnesses.

It looks like the truck didn't even move from the spot it was parked in like 410 said, heh. Thanks, 410...you're disbelief is what got me to go and check again tonight.

Everyone here saved me about 2,000$!!!

I just told my wife we're making a donation now...we've saved a lot from the help here.;)

OK guys...the shop just got back to me and the mechanic "thinks" I have a bad transmission. He tells me he thinks the trans is stuck in between gears?

I told him the OD light wasn't flashing and he says, "Ohhhh, well sometimes they do, sometimes they don't"

I'm like well HOW do you know the trans is bad? TELL me!!!

My plan was to have the tranny shop pick it up from this shop so at least it's at a tranny place.

I think I'll look at it myself tonight after they close. Just don't seem right.

OH...WHY would I be getting 02 sensor codes if the transmission died? It just doesn't make sense to me.

Send him this diagram with your bill. Could have been an easy 2 grand for him, most people would never even question it.

96...thanks for the schematic!

Who would think that an 02 sensor harness could disable the transmission? I wonder why they had 1 fuse covering both the tranny and 02 sensors. Weird.

Just like when we couldn't pull codes from my brothers 98 Ranger...his cigarette lighter fuse was blown.

Hey Brooklyn...nothing against Chevy guys, but when I met this guy a few weeks ago he was wearing a Chevy hat. I said, "oh great". He's gonna fix my Ford?

If you lived here in barren upstate NY, you'd quickly understand that the majority of the Chevy guys here are LOST on anything newer than 1985 Blazers, or even fuel injection for that matter.

I've had a HE## of a time finding a competent mechanic.

Best mechanic I ever had was when I lived in FL and my neighbor was the 20 year master tech at our Ford dealer. That was just great. He had a black '78 Ford truck with a 572ci and 42" swampers. You shoulda heard it. My God.