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Will Ranger bed extender fit?


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March 27, 2014
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Longmeadow, MA
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2005 Explorer Sport Trac
I was supposed to get a bed extender when I purchased my tonneau cover but the owner decided to put it on his F150.:(

I found an extender for a 2001 Ford Ranger on CL, will it fit on a 2005 Sport Trac? I can't try it out since my ST is back where I bought it being repaired.


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My buddy has an bed extender on his Ranger, I'll see if it'll fit my Trac but I'm pretty sure it's too wide.

I know that the extender from a style side bed F-150 will work but to use it with the factory tonneau cover you just need to cut 2.5" off the ends of the tubes. I did a write-up on this a while back. I have a extender for sale but not sure where you're from.

Ok, my wife took my rig into the city but should be back I a couple hours, I'll go test fit the Ranger extender to see if it fits.

Ok so the extender won't fit, the Ranger bed is about 3-4" wider then the ST bed. I tried the Ranger extender in my ST's bed, it was too wide, then I tried my extender in the Ranger bed but it was too narrow by about 3-4 inches.

MidnightRebel07 is da man...

It's a long shot but an extender from a flareside Ranger might fit. I'm thinking it'll be too narrow though, would need to test fit before you buy it.

Problem solved, I found 1 2002 ST bed extender on CL minus brackets. I got the hardware off ebay and it fits like a glove. I didn't realize I already had the grommets installed so now I have an extra set, looking for holes ...