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will these fit


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March 29, 2013
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2005 ford explorer xlt
I have an 05 explorer xlt with third row seating. My drivers side seat is broke. It's the only one that is power and I removed the third row for more room in the rear.

I found someone parting out an 02 explorer. It doesn't have third row and the drivers side seat is not power. Will these fit in my truck? I'm willing to sacrifice the power seat for a non broken one. And they look nicer.

02' to 05' are the same.

You will need the entire seat including the seat belt runner. I believe the seat belt runner is a bit different on the manual seats

Once you have the seat out you may find that you can disassemble down to the frame and have the frame re-welded, or replace the busted piece.

Cheapest time to reupholster is with the seat stripped to the bone like that.

In the meanwhile you can drive on the manual seat.

Well I decided not to go with that. I'd rather spend the money on leather seats but I'm having a hard tome finding a good set of leather seats that aren't ripped or ugly. I got a quote from am upholstery shop for around 1300 to have the seats wrapped in leather.

As long as it's a late build '02 you should be good. Mine is an early build so it has the seats without headrests.