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Will This fit???


July 21, 2011
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2007 Explorer Sport Trac
I am looking to accessorize my '07 Limited, and have come across a used Push Guard for an '04-'08 F-150. I haven't seen it in person, just pictures, and was wondering if anyone has ideas as to whether or not this would fit my '07 Sport Trac Limited.


i don't know for sure but I seriously doubt it, look for something for a 06-? Explorer and it will probably fit

I did a lot of research before buying my bull bar and found nothing that fits the '08 other than Explorer. I don't doubt that I could make one fit with some fabrication or adjustments but didn't want to go to that much trouble. Also I didn't want the 3" so I finally found a 2 ½" one. Even with that I had to cut notches out of the brackets and bend them inwards to get them to fit. There are a lot more available for the '01 style.

Thanks! The one I was looking at was off of an F-150 and was in nearly new shape. I didn't want to pass up a $50 deal if I could make it work. I am always looking for a good deal. :) I will keep looking.

Thanks again!