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Will Tuff Country lift with 33's work?


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August 31, 2006
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Zillah Washington
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2004 F-150, 2006 Ranger
I found a deal on a used Tuff County lift (4") for my 1997 Ranger. I already have new 33's for it and was wondering if this kit would work. Their web site says it's good for only 31's and this site says 32's but I noticed some guys using 33's with this kit. What do you think?

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trimming maybe.....like fenders and some other stuff...

I hear Tuff Country lifts are not all that great but I've never used it, maybe someone here can give you better info on them.

I can deal with a little triming. I REALLY want a Skyjacker or Duff kit with the radius arms but it's not in my budget right now. This used kit I'm looking at is only a year old and is complete with shocks and rear springs so it will get me by until I can afford the nicer kits. Like I said before I already have the 33" MTR's so I'm commited on getting a lift that will clear these.

if its that tight coil spacers and aal will do it...