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Willcall's 2010 XLT V6 4x4- 'Black Betty'

I finally decided I needed to give my 01 a break from constant DD duty, so I found myself a nice 2010 XLT to take over. Rides very good and is in good shape. Only thing is that the mileage is awful compared to the 01's V8. I call her... Black Betty

Specs as purchased:
2010 Ford Explorer XLT- Second Owner
4.0L SOHC V6- Bone Stock
5R55S with Control Trac 4WD
3.55 Open

Automatic Headlamps
"Explorer" Logo Floor Mats
255/70/R16 Firestone Destination LE2s

Nothing yet!

Future fixes:
Nothing here!

Future Additions:
Electric Fan with PWM-V3 controller- maybe.



Almost exactly what I have. The only difference is the gearing.

Would love to see a side shot with those tires on there. :thumbsup:

For Froader


This is what she looked liked with the bigger tires.

Well this didn't last long...

After one month and 4000 miles of 4th gen V6 ownership, I have found...

Its smooth, comfortable, and quiet.
It looks very good... When there are no dust storms.
AdvanceTrac works amazing in the mud and clay.

This can't make up for these though:
Its gets terrible gas mileage. 13.9 in the city and 17.5 on the highway.
Handling is actually not nearly as confident as my second gen.
It can't tow anything with that stupid 1" welded on hitch.
It has random electrical quirks (I think it needs a bigger frame ground).
Sometimes the transmission shudders in reverse.

Mainly, its the gas mileage that's killing me. And I generally do a lot of highway driving and I was beginning to feel like I wouldn't make any progress on the 01 Explorer because of my gas bill.




Meet my '13 Volkswagen Jetta TDI. I drove it 200 miles today and averaged 49.2 mpg. That's somewhere around 60% highway and 30% city. It's also comfortable, has good handling, well equipped, and I think it is attractively styled.

Yeah, I'm not getting very good mpgs either. That's why I drive the 05 Camry and the wife drives the explorer. I drive 80 miles a day. I do really like the TDIs, too. It will get better as you drive it. A friend of mine is getting 53 average in his 13 jetta!