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willis 's 2000 XLS

Purchased 2/26/2015
92,680 miles
4door automatic

Sole purpose will be a daily driver to keep miles off my Ranger ... but I cant leave anything alone :)


step bars and bug deflector went in the trash


sharing the garage


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I like! What's your plans for lifting?

thanks man! planning on a SOA on 33's ... i have the perches, just waiting the rest of the parts to get in.

Right now I'm just cleaning everything up and finishing some much needed maintenance! I dropped the rear seats forward for the first time and found what looked to be an entire 2 liter of coke spilled probably 5 years ago :/ needless to say it was pretty gross so I completely gutted the interior and just waiting on the carpets to dry before I paint/dye them and put it all back together



after 4 days of drying in the sun, was finally able to paint the carpet and get it all back in.
Used Krylon Fusion Satin Khaki. Came out just a shade darker than the OEM tan, but looks fresh and clean so no complaints



took a trip to the junk yard to look for a few random items the truck is either missing or are broken and stumbled across this gem! For $9 i couldnt leave it behind


and the wheels are gloss black now


Ready for tomorrow ...

was going to go with spindles, but cheap'ed out and decided to do a sloped Body Lift.
followed Nick26's thread found here; http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=127121&highlight=pa

and cut the Performance Accessories 833 kit down as follows:
2) untouched, 3"
2) @ 2-3/16"
2) @ 1-9/16"
2) @ 3/4"

Spring Perches came from chassisunlimited.com
7" long x 2-1/2" wide x 3-1/4" diameter axle

just picking up some shorter bolts in the AM and then firing up the welder


Ran into a couple complications on the SOA so it got put on hold for another weekend or 2.

Did finally find a mountaineer grill at the yard though.
Plastidipped it black and tossed it on.



Pioneer DEH-X3700UI w/ Scosche FD1327B fit kit and 2) pairs of Fosgate R168X2 6x8's

Pulled the rear window defogger and rear wiper switch and added a 2nd fog light and 2nd cigarette lighter




got the sub box installed and cut out the pocket in the rear hatch.
found some speaker grill cloth at the local fabric store and wrapped the trim bezel


and slowly making progress on the lift

will include all the details and lots of pics once complete but here is a little teaser (;


Jealous of the mileage and the quick progress. Nice truck!