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Winch and Cradle Trouble


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March 26, 1999
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91 XL
I bought a Milemarker E9000 and a Warn Multimount cradle a while ago for the front of the explorer. Of course, it's been sitting in the back for a while, and I decided to put it together for the ice storm we had... The winch fits in the cradle fine (pretty tight fit though), except the thing is almost impossible to bolt to the bottom plate because I can't get my fingers in there-but I will get it done eventually. However, where the hawse fairlead bolts on with two bolts to the front, the bolts will hit the winch body inside the cradle. Even if I put the nuts on the outside, the bolt heads conflict. I don't see where I would redrill it, and I like the Warn cradle. Welding it on doesn't seem like the brightest idea at the moment... Any ideas? Anyone else try this combination and make it work?


Ummm... perhaps wrong forum? Try the offroad forums...