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Winch, bumper, and receiver mount ideas


February 26, 2013
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2013 Explorer
I thinking about ditching my receiver setup for my winch. I would like to hard mount the winch between the frame rails and move the bumper/ receiver mount out a little further. Is there anything special I need to do to strengthen the frame? I'm also on the fence as to weather I should bolt or weld the winch plate?

I'm going to keep the tube bumper that I have. Going to notch out the tubes, box it in and mount the roller fair lead in the notch. Thinking of welding the front hitch to the bumper mounts and then bolting the whole thing to the frame.

Does any of this sound like it just won't work? Open to any and all ideas.

Here is what I'm working with.

Get a Harbor Freight winch plate that you can eith bolt or weld to the frame rails (I would weld), if you mount the winch behind the tube bumper you can use the tubes as the fairlead.

I made my own winch plate. 1/4' plate with angle iron on the sides. Mounted between the frame rails of my 95 EX. Worked great plus it was hidden.


If it was me I'd ditch the hitch altogether and mount the winch nice and tight to the truck and trim the grill, bumper shroud and anything else to keep the winch flush with your existing bumper. I used to have a hidden hitch on my ranger and it was forever plowing earth with it. You could always mount some clevice mounts between the tubes of your bumper if you are wanting a tow point besides your winch.