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Winch mount in the works

I used 2" .125 DOM tubing for all except for the two braces on the hoop which is 1" .125 DOM tubing. The hoop is mainly for looks but is a great strapping point in a tight spot or hood deep in water and mud ;)

Here is a shot with the winch and some new scratches :)


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Dude that looks way nice. When are you going to do my bumper? :)

How much did all the materials to make it run you? How many feet did you have to have of it all?

I spent about 75.00 for 20' of the 2" dom. and like 10.00 for 3' of the 1" dom.

Ill take one..... Where do I order? :)

This one is for sale around the end of May ;)

Here are some pics of mine.


Have you ever thought of aligning your front end? Something's not right on those BFGs. ;)

NOTAJP said:
Have you ever thought of aligning your front end? Something's not right on those BFGs. ;)

Thought about it, but lazyness won out ;) Besides, those are just some cheapy street tires :D

Are you really going to sell it? If so I got dibs... How much you looking to get for it?

I am not sure yet ;) I am thinking of joining the dark side and returning the X to mostly stock form. I would then take all the parts from the X and put them on a jeep YJ :) Don't worry if I do it I will let you know :D

Yes a stinger like that can actually keep the truck from going end over end if you come down a very steep drop or nose down for whatever reason.
I know of a K5 Blazer where the stinger may have saved the truck from complete and total anhialation, put it back on all 4's instead of going over on the roof.

I was going to say it looks more like those tires were on with the old TTB setup :)
Every lifted TTB I see has + camber.
And then its funny when everyone goes solid axle and bolts on their old meats you can see the outer edge is toasted. :)

id also be interested in a bumper like that, if you will make a few more for sale

could protect the engine and radiator in a roll. that and an attachment point for a rope for a spotter in competition was where the idea of the stinger came from as far as i know.