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Winch mount questions


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December 18, 2005
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97 UK XLT, 99 Sport V8,
I'm planning on having a hidden winch mount made. It'll tuck behind the front bumper and I'm hoping that I can also use it as a cross member for when I do my SAS..

Is this a good idea? Would bolting it to the frame be better than welding it to the frame?


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depends si. to you want to be able to move it and use it in the back, or is it going to stay there for all its life?

it's staying there all it's life.. but, I was thinking, when I do the SAS, I've read that I gotta put an extra cross member in... so I thought this could be the cross member and winch mount all in one... ?? good idea, or terrible idea/??


There's a couple members on here that have done the hidden winch on their 2nd Gen's. Since it'll double as a crossmember for the SAS I would weld it to the frame for extra rigidity and strength.

Sometimes it's better to read and read some more to learn from other's work and builds to see what works best so you only have to do the work once when you do your own build.

I've been researching SAS's and V8 swaps for about five years now, finally startied collecting parts for my SAS last year and just picked up a '89 F-250 with a 351w, C6 and manual transfer case for my full drivetrain swap.

Well, I've already got the V8 swap done... next is winch mount and the SAS/SOA/4406 swap once the snow goes so I can drive the car...