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Winch Mounted w/pics


December 4, 2006
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Fairland, IN
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'92 eddy
Got the winch mounted today and thought i'd share some pics.

Winch: Smittybilt xrc8
Mount: MileMarker made for a jeep.






The solenoid is in a temporary spot hince the yellow zip ties....

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pretty crafty. looks like a mounting option i could afford. did you just drill into the the frame and attach it, did the mounting plate need to be modified at all?

drilled 4 holes in frame and used 2 existing holes. The mounting plate had pre-drilled holes that were a little off from center; they were wider than the frame. So I made the holes a bit wider so they would line up to the center of the frame. 6 grade8 bolts holding it on.

sorry a little of topic but what are your impressions the the smittybilt xr8?

Ditto. Thinking about buying the same winch.

I like the way you have it tucked in there.
Unless he's used the winch, I would think we would have to wait untill he's made a few pulls with it before any opinions, other then looks that is.
Did you add the rope or was that factory?

The rope came with the winch. and I haven't tried it out yet. But going out this weekend and hope I dont need it but its there lol

does anybody know if id be able to pull this off on an '01 sport. i looked under there and it looks like theres alot less room between the end of the frame and the radiator.

im interested to hear your thoughts on how the winching goes too. hope it goes well for ya

RESSURECTION!! Did you have the plastic or chrome bumper? If you had the chrome steel was it possible to put it back on and take the fairlead out through the mouth of the bumper?

I suppose anyone could chime in if theyve done this