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Winch mounting


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February 6, 2010
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noble, LA
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88' BroncoII XLT
Seems like half the time i get stuck there's nothing in front of me to tie off to but plenty behind. Anybody have any plans or specs on how to build a base mount for a winch with a trailer hitch welded to it AND bumper plans or specs for a front and rear bumper that would accomodate the hitch mounted winch? That way if i couldn't pull out from the front i could hook it up to the back bumper and pull out from behind. Would save alot of jackin' with my HI JACK.

I've always wondered about PULL PALs. Last months Off-Road Magazine said they swear by them.

Personally I'd just mount a winch in the front or the back wherever you feel it would be most useful. Winches are heavy plus when you add the weight of a cradle and I bet you won't want to haul that thing forward or back when you're in a bog or on a hill or pretty much anytime you could use a winch. Use the buddy system so if your winch can't get you out your buddy can or can go for more help.