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Winch plate/Receiver hitch


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March 13, 2005
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Here's my delima. I need to make a tube front bumper. In the pic you can see a receivrer hitch that I'm going to incorporate in the tubed bumper. The hitch will be fastened to the frame not to the bumper. The more I thought about it. I would like also have a provision for a mounted winch above that receiver. Even that I don't have a winch yet and don't know what brand. Yes I know that I could use a receiver style winch and may just do that. I have plans for other things also for that hitch, like a basket cage and a support for my kayak among other things. My question is. I have never owned a winch, I would think they would need somekind of mounting plate. Do different kinds of winches like Warn, Ramsy or Milemarker use standard mounting layout holes? What I really need is what size steel plate do you think I would need to attach to the top of that receiver hitch. ( W x L ) I would like to have this on before bending tubes. Thanks

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I've got some 5/16 or 3/8" laying outside that I plan to make my mounting plate out of. If I remember right, my friend's TJ has a Warn mounting plate that's only 1/4". The majority of the winches (especailly in the 8-12k range that you'd be looking at) are 10" x 4.5" mounting points. Most mounting plates have four bolts that mount on the bumper (or wherever it'll be mounted) that hold down the plate. Then the plate slopes up to give room for the bolts from the winch to come down (another 4 holes). Depending on how big that piece where you're mounting the tow chains is, and how far in the winch will be mounted, you might be able to get away with mounting the winch directly above the hitch, and still clear the winch bolts around the chain mounts.(or move the chain mounts below the hitch instead of above).

I just built a winch plate for a YJ at school, so the ideas are fresh in my head. :)

Thanks, thats good info., need to think this out some more about those bolts clearing the hitch. Thats about the same size plate that I have.

Just a thought but if your putting on a front reciever hitch then just get a hitch mounted winch. Most of the time the winch could be at home or rear hatch and only pulled out when needed.. Not being exposed to the elements will keep the winch looking and performing like new. Obviously if you plan on off-roading a lot then it may be more convienent to have both the reciever and a permanently mounted winch.

^^^But those things stick out soooo far. Plus, what if you got in a position where you were unable to put the winch in the receiver? (like if you were really close to a rock, etc.

I like both ideas of a hitch mounted on the receiver and bolted above receiver closer to the body. During the months that I would not really be in the woods and trails and not needing all that heavy weight up front. leave the winch home like De Rocha said out of the elements and if I do go out ocasionaly leave in the back fastened down. But come fall when I'm on the trails on the farm from Oct to Jan bolt to the spot above hitch. I went to a 4x4 shop and looked at the bolt pattern that Warn uses, about 6 x 12 plate would be plenty big. They also had a receiver hitch plate there that the winch sets on with handles.
So I don't thing I could go wrong with a plate mounted above the hitch, and then have the best of both worlds.

Anybody know of any bumper receiver hitches that instead of coming straight out and putting the winch s out in front. Actually allows the winch to set back over bumper? I imagine with so many style bumpers this would be hard to make a universal one. I want to make one and thought that a pic would be nice.

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Fakrwee's Navajo


Nice, real nice thank for posting

If you live close to the ocean or have alot of moisture in the air dont leave it in the bumper. I remember fakarwee telling me his winch has rusted into the reciever to where he can remove it. Just keep that in mind.

RockRanger said:
If you live close to the ocean or have alot of moisture in the air dont leave it in the bumper. I remember fakarwee telling me his winch has rusted into the reciever to where he can remove it. Just keep that in mind.

Thanks for the tip. And yes the humidity is terrible in the summer. In fact after hearing that, I'll grease this inside of the hitch tommorrow before I forget. Check out my build thread, I finally got it where I want it. Thanks for your input guys.