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winch solenoid weatherproofing


Jack from JackOffRoad
August 26, 2004
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West Virginia
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1993 2dr
The Rugged Ridge 10.5K lb winch I have on the 93 has a single solenoid module, not multiple solenoids.. instead of mounting it under the hood I currently have it attached to the core support behind my EE billet grille because of the length of the wires. Is there any way to weatherproof it w/out encasing it in a box? I have thought about covering the terminal connections with silicone or epoxy or just using some rubber to sheild the module. Does anyone have any suggestions? It's only been a few weeks but it is already starting to show some weathering.

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Cant you extend the wires?

I'd have to replace them with longer cable.. which I was trying to avoid. But it looks like thats the only safe thing to do, mount the module under the hood completely.

On my Smitybilt XR8 winch I took the solenoids out of the box and have them mounted just behind the plastic right side of the grill. I have not protected them except for where they are mounted. I have yet to have any problems. Even after giving it a good work out in the snow. I did have to extend the wires because the factory was too short between the winch and the solenoids. I used high grade 4 gauge audio power cable.