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Wind Noise Front Passenger Window


March 7, 2013
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Explorer 2007
I have a wind noise on the passenger front window. When I press the rear trim the noise goes away and then after some time it will reappear. Do I have to replace the trim ? Does it require to replace the entire trim around the door?

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I don't think it has anything to do with the trim it has to do with the door gasket in the particular area that you are pressing. With the door open check to see if the gasket has pulled away from the frame and is no longer properly pressed/held in place.

You may also want to check to see if the Insulation in the frame fell out. This insulation is stuck in the wheel well just in front of the door (behind the hinges). If this falls off, then you get extra noise.

hey guys,
search reveals several threads on this with armchair responses but no real answers. who has fixed this problem and what was your solution?
mine is a '10 v6 4x4 w/ 90k miles. noise has been there for at least the past 20k miles. i have tried gasket cement with limited results, and verifed the fender insulation is in place forward of the hinges. done the $bill weatherseal check. and looked at the windsheild gasket for splits or lift-off.
next step is to gum more cement onto the back of the channel.


damn, i thought searching just the stock and modified categories covered it. forgot this site has a seperate ST forum :eek:
thank you!

I have the same problem in my ST, the passanger window rear seal. When I firmly press the seal against the metal of the door it goes away for a while, but always comes back. I was going to peal the seal away and reaffix it. If that doesn't work I was going to try some silicone sealant.

I was going to peal the seal away and reaffix it. If that doesn't work I was going to try some silicone sealant.

my understanding is there is no adhesive used from the factory.
i also believe a prior posting mentioning shrinkage involved is correct. this went from getting garage space every night to sitting outside 24/7.

Correct, there is no adhesive from factory. There wasn't any silicone on my third brake light housing, but it stopped water from getting in the cabin and it will stop the wind noise. I'd rather go this route than buying new weather stripping.