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Window Problem


August 16, 2001
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Pittsburgh, PA
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1997 XLT
My left rear window (I had it down about a 1/2" quit working today. It didn't make any strange noises or anything it just wouldn't go back up. All the other window still work. Any ideas?? Thanks

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If it quit working, its most likely the power window motor.

it could be something as simple as the switch. check to see if a wire just disconnected from the switch, or if the switch is bad.

$10 says its the same thing that happened to my rear windows... what u should try before u start replacing things is take off the door panel... have someone hold the switch down and bang on the motor and the metal track that the window runs down for a few seconds... you need to hit it fairly hard. Mine freed up after about 15 seconds then we coated the track with a little grease and it has been working fine ever since.

I have a simmular problem with my right rearwindow. Sometimes it wont go down when I push the button on the driverdoor. If I then go back there and push the button on the rear door it goes down, but not up again.. then all of a sudden, I can make it go up again from the driversdoor... this has happened several time. No idea why, but maybe it just starts working again like mine?

Do what JMT1SOMR said. My mothers crown victoria did the same thing. I took the panel off and out of frustration i punched the door and then it started working again. Who says violence never solves anything?

ive had a similar problrm with my front passenger side window i took it to the family mechanic and he said if you hold the button down after the window has gone up or down the motor will get into a bind and has to be reset ( can be done by pounding on it or manually taken out)

We disected the window motor on the ol' 89 F150 and found that theres some calipers in it... when the motor gets old theres a lot of work dust and it binds them up and causes them to stick... hope that helps... they can be cleaned but its almost a waste of time... just go ahead and stick in a new motor

First and foremost... when working with power windows be very. very careful - window regulators don't just look like big scissors, they work like 'em too.

Aside from some of the other suggestions, you might also want to check the wiring passing through the rubber bellows between the door and doorpost. The constant flexing as the door opens and closes can break the wires.

Let me know how you've made out with the suggestions you've gotten - if you still have trouble I can access the wiring diagram and see what we can find.