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Window Problems


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February 27, 2012
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Tampa, FL
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1996 Explorer
I have a 96 Explorer 4 door OK I need some help!!!!!!!!!! Both my front windows don't work! ITook the Drivers door apart and pulled the power window motor off I got it out of the door and tested it it ran fine I then tryed to hold the gear with a pair of Plyers to put some torq on it but was unable to hold it so I am assuming that it is good I didn't take the regulator out but did look at the teeth on it tru a inspection mirror and they look good I also felt them and they felt good. I cut a viewing hole in the inside door to look at the Gear motor Center point and it drops right into the guide hole on the regulator? But I still can't get them to work with out major help. What else should I look at?

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If the motor, gear, and regulator are all good and not binding then I would try putting some silicone lube on the window track were the window slides and some white lithium grease on the inside where the regulator pivots and on the motor gear. Check any plastic gears for the motor very carefully. Known to strip.

Also have you checked the wiring?

when you said you "pulled the motor and tested it"... did you test its "strength" using the existing wiring or did you do a "bench test" using other wires?

I can hear the motor running but the window still won't go up using the power but I can also raise the window by pulling the window up with my Hands it seems like the gears are not engaging. I guess I am going to have to pull both the motor and regulator off and try them outside of the door. and at that point I am hoping to be able to see if the Gears are meshing correctly

I didn't bench test it I tested it by pulling it off reconneting the wireing and held it and ran the motor using the original wires. I had a friend hit the up and down switch while I held the gear with Plyers and it srtill twisted out of my hand


Thanks alot that was what the problem was. I did it to both windows as they both where bad on one window I took first time and drivers window I had to do it a second time. bet then it worked also Thanks again:):):)