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winter jobs,


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January 3, 2008
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okay gents list them in this thread,,

jobs you hate doing in the cold ,
forget about shovelling snow and stuff like that we all hate it, alot of us do not have garages so we have to do things outside,

okay , i will go first,
i just completed an oil change on my Ex, out in the cold on the ground,, it sucked, but had to be done,

next ???

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Thats why I pay the sunshine tax and live in Southern California. Once it drops below about 50 I try not to do anything outside unless I am getting paid to.

I don't really like doing anything involving working on cars or trucks when its below 40.

This is going back a few decades, but here goes.

I hated working on a car on a hydraulic lift on those days when the road had been covered in snow and slush. 10lb icebergs would drop off the undercarriage at the least opportune times and there was a constant drip of dirty, salty mush coming off the chassis. Just plain nasty work.

When it's below zero it can be interesting doing anything with metal tools when you aren't able to wear gloves. It can be as painful to pick up a cold tool as a hot one.

Not winter jobs per say but I really hate working on tv's when its raining.. Reason being is that I have to make atleast 2 trips out to the vehicle.. One for my backpack with my tools and laptop with service manuals in case I need to test voltages and then parts for the tv and if I need to carry a portable folding table thats a 3rd.

I did a T-case swap last monday in 30 degree weather. Brutal. :(

^^ lol atleast u had a lot of snow to help cushion the ground!