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Wiper arms don't work


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September 30, 2010
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2002 Sport Trac XLT

New in the forum.

My dad have a 2002 ST, and their left wiper arm didn't work, apparently due to a broken or loose ling between the arm and the motor.

How do I can fix it? How do I remove the neccesary parts to access the linkages to verify if the part is brolen or loosen. Any halp will be very appreciated.

I don't have a better photo right off but the black plastic "cowl" panel comes off and the wiper linkage in under it. Be careful when you lift it up as the washer hoses are short and you'll break the nozzles tubes. There are 3, I think, screws holding the cowl panel down.


Disregard the panel laying on the hood as it belongs on the inside top of the dash.


Thanks for the info.

My dad doesn't know that there are screws in the black panel and tried to pull off with a screwdriver. Now the front window as a crack in the center of it and the window must be replaced. :censored:

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