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Wire connectors have me stumped


May 5, 2009
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98 Sport 4X4
I have the engine back in but ran into a roadblock with two connectors between the firewall and back of engine.

I have two connectors within a foot of each other that are the same shape and color and can not locate any other connectors in the area. When first trying to hook them up I did not pay enough attention that the were the same exact connectors.
This is the general location of them (thanks to street rod for the first picture)


This picture is the left side of the engine was it in fact ever connected to something?


This is the right side


Did I possibly loose one end on the right side under the intake are? Sorry about the less than sharp connector picture.

I'm hoping one of these connectors will correct my no fuel condition but I'm resigned to replacing the fuel pump as I let the thing sit for over 3.5 years before doing the repair.

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So you have two green connectors. One on each side of the engine (left and right) behind the engine? Is this a 98 SOHC engine? I have a 99' SOHC. I can go take a look. Are these wires running to the engine or FROM the engine wiring harness?

It is a SOHC and the wires are on both sides they would have been part of the chassis harness as I had no wires on the engine when I installed it.

I did have the transmission cross member disconnected and dropped the trans until the intake was hitting the firewall trying to see up in there as well as taking the inspection plate off under the center console.

Thank you.

Those are o2 sensor connectors , as for the pump , pull the skid plate out and smack the bottom of the tank and you may get lucky , if not then just keep going and drop the tank to replace the pump

Can't quite get in there good enough. Since there are 2, it dawned on me. O2 sensor plugs maybe? Than I saw this image. Must be for 02.

Son of a biscuit :( I have not put the exhaust back on yet but as soon as I looked at the pipes there they were, it explains why there are two connectors the same.

You make me wish I asked a few days ago.

Thank you again you have no idea of the frustration you have eleminated.

also make sure they get plugged into the right ones. mine were crossed left to right and it took forever to figure out what the problem was. I finally stumbled onto it by checking the plugs. code was saying right side lean, but when i did a plug check the left side looked lean and the right bank looked rich.

I hear that, thank you.