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How to: Wire in Factory Sub to Aftermarket Stereo

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I guess it's worth a shot in that case. If the connector were stock though it should take the one pictured. Go to circuit city/best buy or other store and get either the premium harness that newer fords use or you can just buy that sub harness. I think the sub harness is less than 7 bucks but not everywhere will have it.

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I've got a crutchfield harness... Pioneer headunit... I just spliced the pioneer harness to the crutchfield harness... I matched the blue "amp turn on" to the blue "remote on" wire from the pioneer harness... And the black/grey "amp ground" to the main crutchfield harness black"amp ground" wire... Is this correct? I plan on going to radio shack tomorrow for an RCAsplitter... Will they have what I need to drop the v from 12 to 5v there? If so it will just go online on the " remote power on" blue wire correct? Thanks for any help my wifes factory head unit took a dump and I got her a replacement for Xmas, wanna get it hooked up right the first time

Hey I just bought my first double din tv. and after installing it and hooking it up, everything works and then after about a minute i loose all sound. It still plays the dvd and everything still works. I thought it might be the factory jbl system messing with it so i rewired all of the speakers and it still looses sound after a minute or so. I am baffled. Somebody please help me.

Great Post it works wonders on my 98 EB. ^^!

Hey guys, excellent thread, has helped me quite a bit so far. I bought my 98 eddie in Sept. '10 and only recently found out the sub (mach sound) wasn't hooked up. I did some digging here and around the net, trying to find some answers.

I have a Panasonic CQ-DP103U deck (seen below.) The previous owner spliced the aftermarket stereo wires and stock wires together which works great. There's two stuck plugs left (seen below.) I assume I can buy the linked adapter and plug it into the RCA spots (seen below) and it will work like a charm?

Deck from panasonic site (CQ-DP103U):


The splicing

Two plugs left untouched. The smaller is the amp plug I think...

The back of the deck, note the two RCA's.

Just did this on my 01 Eddie Bauer. Picked up a Metra 70-5519 harness from Best Buy. I spliced the blue/white stripe from the Metra harness to the Amp Power wire on my Pioneer DEH-12E, and spliced the black/white stripe into the black ground from the pioneer to main harness. Works like a Charm.

$19.99 for the harness kit. Pretty reasonable considering it's Best Buy.

Volttage regulator question, I bought one from radioshack not knowing anything about oscillations, im gonna try to build my own one of these:
Anyone have tips on how to lay it out, what to use? I don't have the capacitors yet, so idk what they look like, but how would you assemble one?

Hi, i did change the Deck in my 04 eddiebauer and obviously i have no bass....

anyone did this on their 04 explorer that could help me get the bass going on :( ¿

The color wire are Blue,Red,Black and Orange/black.... im kinda confused

Bought one, installed today. No pop, no hum, just clean bass. Works great.

I was gonna build my own, but with two. 01uf caps, but decided id be better off this way. Saved me a little work, and saved me from trial and erroring it.

Hello all, I have a 2002 Explorer Sport trac with the Upgraded Pioneer Radio with factory sub.

I bought a pioneer F700BT nav unit to put into the sport trac. Well hell, I modified the **** out of the radio bezel to accept the double din kit. Trimmed it, painted the bezel and installed that properly. That diddnt take that long.

Here is where I spent the next 5 hours. I have the Pioneer advanced system in my truck with the factory sub. The sweet blue LED lit radio. I bought the METRA 70-5701 which is the Ford Premium harness with RCA, which I figured was for the subwoofer.

I hook everything up, and for some reason Im not getting any sound out of the front speakers. And the RCA lines that go to the factory harness wasnt for the sub. It was for the front speaker channels. Does this make any sense to anyone? We could not figure it out for the life of me. Upon further inspection of the METRA harness, it looks like some wires diddnt match up with pins from the radio side of the harness.

If anything, the premium harness that turned the factory harness into RCA inputs should be for the subwoofer outputs for the radio - right?? Why the hell did the passenger front speaker only turn on when I put the front audio outputs from the radio into the RCA that was crated from the Metra harness? We couldnt figure it out for the life of us.

I sure hope I just ordered the wrong harness, but I have no clue. The other possibility is that the drivers front speaker is blown... but it was working prior to the Nav install.

Can anyone out there shed some light on what I need to do to get everything working properly? I have been doing car audio for years and I am completely stumped.

I should also mention that when I hook the factory radio back up, everything functions as it should. I am going to best buy to pick up a 70-5519 or 70-5517 harness, although I dont know if this will solve my problem.

Will this work on my 2004 explorer? I wired a Kenwood touch screen unit into my vehicle successfully except I can't turn the sub on from the unit's setup screen because it sounds like I'm getting mid-range sound and voice through the sub. So I disconnected the rca connectors and the four speakers sound beautiful. But, I want my sub to be on for the complete sound.

I have a 2004 Explorer, and I just got a Pioneer deck that I installed. Right now, the harness for the stock sub/amp are just hanging out behind the HU uninstalled.

I'm planning on installing an aftermarket sub/amp, but I was wanting to power up both if at all possible. Does anyone know how I would go about doing that?

Do I need to splice the stock sub/amp harness into the RCA's and the switched/ground/etc. at the very end of my install? Only way I can think of doing it. Is there a matching harness to RCA adapter I could use, then get some sort of RCA splitter?

It worked... sorta

I followed the original post by stackz from 6 years ago, it worked for me for about 10 minutes while I adjusted settings. It sounded amazing until I turned the volume up past 15. Now I have a bunch of black foam all over the back of my explorer... Time for an aftermarket sub or a stock sub that's not completely dry rotted.

I cut and spliced I didn't waste time on buying an adapter. Been checking them out on ebay they are like $10. I used an old RCA I had laying around and some electrical tape with some crimps....

i have a 93 limited with the premium sound system. no idea what color wires to look for, i opened up the sleeve on the little square adapter to try and figure it out. (i bought the amp bypass kit made by spectra at best buy) only reason i got that i thought my amp was cooked, turned out to be the head unit, but either way, got the door speaker amp working, but not the sub, what wires do i need to splice into the rca jack?

is the wire im looking for in the rear by the amps or up by the head unit?

Hey Stackz, does this work for the stock jbl soundsystem? I have a kenwood i recently got and i wanna try it out with the stock soundsystem before i go buy another soundsystem for my truck.

Hey Stackz, does this work for the stock jbl soundsystem? I have a kenwood i recently got and i wanna try it out with the stock soundsystem before i go buy another soundsystem for my truck.

Stackz last visited on May 29, 2014, so don't expect a response...

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2000 Mountaineer with factory sub, bought Metra 70-5517 harness that was said you need for this system with new head unit. Door speakers work, sub doesn't. The sub harness has a blue amp on wire and a black with white stripe wire that I have no clue where it goes as there's no other wires/label to connect to