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March 4, 2010
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2005 VW Touareg
Hey guys, i have an 03 EB without the rear parking sensors. I want to find a bumper off a matching X with the parking sensors. The question i have is if i do get the bumper, is my truck pre-wired for it, and i can just hook them up; or would i have to go through a bunch of wiring(meaning not doing it because im too lazy :D)?

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That's a good question. I'm going to guess it's not prewired because I have a switch inside to turn them off(when backing up a trailer) Do you have a blank(fake) cover to the right of the lightswitch?

no fake cover, but the peice that would have the switch is like 9"x5" not that big, so maybe ford just made 2? i hope thats the case haha. i'll try to google around and see if i can dig up a wiring diagram or something.

Allright! after 20 mins of googling, i actually found a thread that was posted up here! it was under subwoofer or something so i think thats why my search didnt come up with it. Anyways here a link with some instructions from jrford, for anyone who is thinking about doing this swap/mod.


sorry, never did a write up,

Local junkyard, about $65 for the steering Bezel with switch no blank for it, backup module (mounted RR Qtr next to PDU), and a rear tail light harness. Since the yards have a tendency to get happy with the wire cutters rather than pull them apart the one i got didn't have the sensor side and it didn't have a bumper it was already sold with the cut connector. I did check once with the stealership for the harness, it was over $100. I only needed a bumper at this point but all the yards where cleaned out at the time, so i put the project on the back burner. Fast forward a year and the Ex was rear ended in a chain reaction, minor damage to the hatch and took out the bumper Insurance paid for a used bumper and i was able to score everything else and fix the bumper on top of it. For $200 it came with cover, foam insert, sensors and luckily the cut connector which i was able to splice together with the rest of the harness i got. Finally got it all plugged in and to my amazement it worked.

In the pic (module is not there but), bottom right corner is a black box, this the rear PDU, next to it is are the plug for the Fuel pump, RR tail light, Trailer wiring and the Parking sensors,

Parking sensors are a stand alone unit.


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pic of the PDU. Middle connector is for the Parking sensors, runs up to the dash. Parking sensor module would plug in here.


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Thank you very much good sir!


Does anyone else have any input about doing this? I'd love to have Backup sensors on my 03 EB. Pictures would be great!