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Wireing trailer lights on 94 EXP


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February 7, 2010
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'94 Explorer
I have a 94 explorer, I need a tutorial or some kind of how to video to show me how to install the wires/plug to plug into the trailer lights, my truck did not come with this set up so i need to add it on from scratch, I went and bought the wires/plugs, just need help putting it in.

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I just used something like this.


You can find it on ebay and rockauto. All you need to do is take out the panel where you have the jack, and remove all the items. There is a connector at the back near the tailight that is for the reverse and brake lights. Pull it apart and hook this one in between the two. Feed the excess wire where you need it and your done.

So the wires with a 4 prong plug at the end of it is the wrong thing? Thats what the local auto part store recommended i get?

So you just got the plug with the four wires on the end? Ouch. Get your money back and grab the one I showed in the pic from rock auto. It's only $13 and you don't have to cut or splice wires.

The flat head 4 pin is correct to connect to a trailer, however.


Is this part available at an autozone or kragen auto part store?