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wireless back-up camera


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May 6, 2010
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Newbie here but I did search the site for a while before posting this. I want to install a wireless back-up camera witha 3.5" monitor in my moms explorer for mothers day. I found the camera I want (I think) on sale at pepboys. However they dont install. She has a 2005 XLT I was wondering how hard this install is to do. I have a pretty basic intsall background. I ended up doing a prelim look at her car last night. It looks like I can run the wire from the camera through the liscene plate light to get into the back of the car. From there is the problem how do I run the rest of the wire to the reverse light where it gets the power from? I called an install store and they wanted almost $200 to install it. It seems like it should be a pretty basic install but I was wondering if there was a write up or any info that you guys could help me with.


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March 1, 2005
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Birmingham, MI
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'10 Sport Trac
hopefully this will help,. . . when i added factory parking sensors, there is a Relay box right behind the RR tail light inside the Quarter panel, you should see a small vent on the bottom of the panel inside by the 'D' Pillar, that's for the Reverse speaker and behind it is the Power Distribution box. If you find that there is power, reverse (hooks up to the trans shift lever) indicator. Also in that box is the Fuel Pump wires, tail light, trailer connector, and of course the backup sensor plugs, power and ground are right there along with the reverse wire. . . .sorry don't know which color it was.