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Wireless router to wireless router?


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September 1, 2002
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I want to set up my Direct TV to the internet so I can watch there free content, but don't want to run a Cat5 cable the 20-30 feet thru the attic to hard wire it. I dug around in my computer part box and found a old Netgear WGR614 wireless router. The DTV sees it, but how do I get it to talk with my other wireless router? Is this just a setting in the Netgear that I need to go in and adjust? Also my network is password protected, so is there a place in the Netgear I put that in?

I pretty sure this will work, so I don't think I'm to crazy here :confussed:


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November 1, 2005
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so wait, you want to have a wired device connected to a wireless network?

what you need is a wireless bridge. a linksys wrt54g (or gl) router will do this if you install an after market firmware (dd-wrt) or you can buy an off the shelf unit (linksys makes one that works well... there are others as well. this is probably the best idea) a pair of "ethernet over powerline" adapters might work for you as well.

most regular wired routers and access points will not work as a wireless client.


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March 3, 2002
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Umm you could wire it up a AP. Basically you give it a IP in the same range as your current wireless route. Example if the current router is and the Netgear is also give it a IP like Then log in to the Netgear turn off DHCP then plug the netgear into the existing router. Or if you wanna keep em wirelessly you can set the Netgear to act as a bridge if its capable.


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May 17, 2002
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