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Wiring Checklist... Everything Check Out?


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May 17, 2011
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'03 Sport Trac XLT 4x4
Hey Guys!

Here is my wiring shopping list and was wondering what you all thought. Just making sure I have everything. :eek:

I will be running 2 amps (4 channel) & (Mono) from an aftermarket stereo

3 x RCA Cables (1x for Sub Amp and 2x for 4 channel amp for door speakers)
2 x 4 gauge Amp Power Cables
2 x 4 gauge Amp Ground Cables

Remote Wire (Turn on amps from wire harness to amp)
14 gauge speaker wire (doors & subs)
Assorted connectors...

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What RMS (not peak/max watt) are the amps? This will help is deciding the gauge you need.

I will recommend overkill on the power wire though. Better to have more than enough gauge, so if you do upgrade in the future, you might not have to buy new larger gauge wire. Wire prices are outrageous.

Also, make sure the power wire is of decent quality. I bought some cheepo install kits off eBay, and the power wire appears to be 4 gauge, diameter-wise. When you look at the end, it just has a thicker than usual jacket :thumbdwn:

One amp is 1200w and the other is 4x200w

What brand and model of each amp?