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Wiring Diagram for 01 Sport


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September 13, 2002
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2001 Explorer Sport
Hi All,

Im surprised because I have found very few references to 2001 Exs in the forums, so it makes searching kind of a waste of time.

Ive done some searches but Im still kinda confused. First of all, I have installed many head units in my day, but this install has had me flumoxed. Im installing a Handsfree unit in my Sport, but everywhere I have read I have seen no mention of a <u>PIONEER</u> CD-6 premium HU as an option in Explorers. So Im worried that the wiring is different and Im going to tap something other than the Battery and Acc. lines and damage my unit. I have a 12 volt cig. lighter power plug located near it so Im considering tapping it for the constant 12, but I still need to clip into the Acc. line on the Stereo.

Also, my stereo has the "Acc./Phone Muting" function, but I have as of yet found a wiring diagram that tells me which wire this is?

Can anyone help me with these 2 problems?

Hopefully someone can, if they do Ill do a write up and pictures to post here seeing these Wireless Bluetooth Handsfree Kits are becoming popular.