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July 9, 2009
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i have wiring diagrams for the latest ford models, if you need a specific one just ask!

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And I have the wiring diagrams for the '00 Explorer which should be good for the '99 to '01. The '96 to '98 have some changes to transmission wiring.

Let me know if I can help.

Hi TestPoint.

Is there any way you can post the diagram for the PCM pinout for the '00 5.0L Explorer? I'm doing some research on various PCMs for T-Birds and Mustangs.


Wow, thank you for the link. My main concern is the wiring for the '99-'01 Camshaft Position Sensor (CMP), as this is a two-wire VR version versus the earlier Hall-effect type.

If there is a difference in the later Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKP, I think), I'd be interested too.

I think I also need to find the actual diagram for the '99-'01 circuit around the PCM. What I am doing is MN12 (Thunderbird-Cougar) related. In '96-'97 the MN12s went to the modular 4.6L with EEC-V. I'm looking into swapping an Explorer 5.0L engine into a '97 T-Bird while keeping most of the stock wiring setup. The biggest hurdle is that the stock 4.6L CMP is of the two-wire VR design. So I'm thinking that a complete engine from the later Explorer will do the trick. I know it will physically bolt in as the 5.0L was an early T-Bird option.

Granted, portions of the harness may need to be altered for the physical differences between the the two engines. And the factory tune may need adjustments. But I'm playing around with this idea to make it as close as a "bolt-in job" as possible.


I would suggest that you evaluate focusing on the C115 connector. Outside the engine/transmission harness that is the gateway to the rest of the vehicle. Other than the high current alternator/starter circuits everything in the engine/transmission harness goes through C115. I started with a '00 302 with the original transmission, harness and PCM. The pin out of that connector and various electrical schematics can be found here:

The engine management electrical schematics are there also. I have the Ford schematic book and can get you anything that you think you need that is not found at that link. I can't help on the vehicle side of the wiring.

Chapter 12 of the Volvo/Ford swap manual ( describes all the connections necessary at C115 in about a dozen pages of posts but can be summarized to these 19:

C115M pin out – short version

1.) Pin 1 (red/light green) (circuit 16, page 13-16) Ignition coils power
2.) Pin 2 (tan/yellow) (circuit 11, page 62-2) Tachometer
3.) Pin 3 (pink/light blue) (circuit 915, page 25-6) Data port
4.) Pin 4 (red/light green) (circuit 810, pages 30-2, 59-6) Brake torque converter unlock
5.) Pin 5 (dark green/yellow) (circuit 238, page 25-1) Fuel pump on signal
6.) Pin 6 (pink/light green) (circuit 658, page 23-2) Dash MIL/CEL
7.) Pin 8 (yellow) (circuit 37, page 25-1) PCM permanent B+
8.) Pin 9 (red) (circuit 361, page 25-2) Fuel injector/IAC/MASF B+
9.) Pin 11 (tan/orange) (circuit 914, page 25-6) Data Port
10.) Pin 12 (tan/white) (circuit 234, page 30-2) Transmission Control Switch (OD Lock out)
11.) Pin 15 (light blue/orange) (circuit 926, page 25-1) Fuel pump relay
12.) Pin 16 (red/white) (circuit 39, page 62-2) Coolant Temperature Sensor
13.) Pin 22 (violet) (circuit 107, page 14-1, 25-6) PCM reprogramming power from Data Port
14.) Pin 26 (dark green/white) (circuit 253, page 62-2) engine oil sensor
15.) Pin 34 (black/white) (circuit 570, page 10-2) Ground
16.) Pin 36 (light blue/orange) (circuit 34, page 13-5, 25-6) O2 sensor/transmission power
17.) Pin 40 (white/light green) (circuit 911, page 62-6) 'OD OFF' indicator light
18.) Pin 41 (light green/red) (circuit 904, page 12-1) ALT light
19.) Pin 42 (yellow/white) (circuit 36 page 12-1) Alternator power

These circuits were all that were necessary for my swap. Your mileage may vary.

The two versions of the Cam Position Sensor both provide a signal on a shielded wire to the same C202 PCM lead. Since the early PCM can be reflashed to use the the later software that suggests that it is not the sensor output to the PCM but the manner in which it is generated. What ever your engine has should work. The only issue would be if you have the early sensor and the late harness as there would not be B+ power in the harness.

No mention of CKP problems have come up to my knowledge.

Let me know how I can help.

I just read through some more of your info. One thing I shouldn't have to do is switch harnesses or PCMs. So I'm good in that department... I hope.

My main concern is that CPS.
For the 4.6L T-Bird with its two-wire Variable Reluctance style sensor, pin 85 on the PCM is the “CAM Sensor to PCM”.

To complete the circuit, pin 91 is used as a “Signal Return”. This is a common electrical return to other sensors; TPS, Engine Coolant Temp Sensor, Pressure Feedback EGR Sensor, etc. This tends to imply (to me anyway) that my 4.6L CPS is a 5-volt sensor. It doesn't need the 12V power like the '96-'98 5.0L Explorers do, as you alluded to above.

So if the '99-'01 CPS is also a two-wire sensor, it should work with my existing PCM. I have an extra engine harness for my Bird. So between that and whatever harness comes with my future '99-'01 Explorer 5.0 engine, I might be good. At least I should be able to drive it before getting the tune optimized.

Please correct me if I'm wrong with any of this. Oh also, do you have any diagrams that show the '00 Explorer CPS in circuit? I can only find the '96-'97 one online, listed as the "1996-97 Explorer Engine Controls". I looked through your files and couldn't find anything similar for '00.

TestPoint, thank you again. And your Volvo swap is just amazing.


Getting a little lost. Are you trying to use the Thunderbird PCM and/or harness with the Explorer engine? As you can see in my Volvo/Explorer swap everything is Explorer, including the PCM, until it leaves C115. There were no harness modifications needed.

I would suspect that the Thunderbird harness would have something similar to that connector and seem to be the place to make wiring connections and/or modifications.

If you are trying to use the TB harness look at the injector connections. The '96-'97 harness/injectors are different from the later ones as is the fuel pressure and pressure regulation. It is quite a jigsaw puzzle mixing and matching the Explorer engine. Just a thought but the Explorer oil pan is very large and I had to change mine for clearance. Have no knowledge about the TB 4.6L setup.


And here is the Crank Position Sensor (CKP). Running a twofer special this morning.


Originally I was to use the Thunderbird PCM and the harness with the Explorer engine. Granted I may have to untape the loom to relocate the wires in order to reach the Explorer engine's sensors. And I may have to re-pin some of the harness connectors to the types used on the Explorer engine's sensors.

But I am going to have another look at your C115 connector info and the T-Bird's C161 diagram I have.


I see that in your second to last diagram (page 25-7), the CMP is connected to the PCM's pin 85. This is the same as my Bird's. To complete the circuit, the other CMP wire goes to circuit 359. Does this eventually go to PCM pin 91? I know it does on mine, and it also has circuit #359 .

Your last diagram shows the CKP going to pins 21 and 22, as does my application. And the sheild is grounded. So far so good. I have to do more research but it looks like the actual Explorer engine will be compatible with my wiring, aside from a the physical shape of a few connectors. Electrically it should be the same.

Indeed, the circuit 359 does return to PCM pin 91!

Congratulations! You may be able to use your PCM and Thunderbird wiring harness.

Things to check:

What is the injector connector? It changed between the early ('96-'97) and late 2nd generation.

What injector system was used on the TB? The early Ex used a 45psi system while the later used the 65psi configuration.

What did the TB use for fuel pressure regulation? Early Ex used a fuel rail regulator and a return line to the tank. Later used a regulator mounted with the in-tank pump and no return fuel line.

How does the C202 PCM pin-out compare to the TB one?

Hello. 91 engine wiring


I am an avid mechanic of middle age who drives a 1991 Eddie Bauer, 4.0L, 4x4,automatic transmission. Anyways, a couple of days back I was headed home from work(Heavy Equipment Operator and Mechanic) and my Explorer sounded like it hiccuped a couple of times and just died. I thought the fuel pump must have went out but it blew the EEC fuse? I did some checking and I guess that fuse powers a lot of other things as well as the EEC relay. So I was wondering if anyone has a 4.0 L engine wiring schematic or diagram that I could use to trace this problem down. Thanks in advance. "Be Easy!"


Hello everyone,

Just so everyone knows I found the engine wiring diagram I needed.

"Be Easy!" Neighborsboy:)

i have wiring diagrams for the latest ford models, if you need a specific one just ask!
I am asking. Ineed engine controls wiring diagrams for a 2003 Explorer 4.6l. I'd really appreciate it.

i have wiring diagrams for the latest ford models, if you need a specific one just ask!

If you are still active on here I am looking for wiring diagrams to put an entire mountaineer/explorer engine/trans/harness in my 88 ranger.

I need wiring diagrams for a 2000 5.0 4x4 explorer.
Thanks in advance!

Does anyone have full electrical wire diagram for a 99 explorer limited 5.0 and or a 04 ranger 4.0 4x4

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Need help with Explorer. Looks like Mice got to wiring harness. Have ABS, Traction lights on and showing no gas even with tank full!! Need a wiring diagram for 2014 Ford Explorer XLT please!!