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Wiring Diagrams (schematics) 2007 Mercury Mountaineer (Audio Unit)


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May 30, 2011
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St. Charles, Missouri
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93 XLT
07 Mountineer
Looking for help getting a hold of any and all wiring diagrams for my 2007 AWD Mercury Mountaineer Premier Edition 4.6l V8. Mainly the audio portion right now. I'm installing a Jensen VM9324 that was in our 02 EB when my wife lost control and slammed into a cliff face. Better than the other side of the road which was the continuation of the cliff face about 150m down. She walked away, well sort of, she opened the door and stepped out but was bridging a 4' deep trench so being somewhat out of it she didn't see it was going to be a big first step and fell into a bunch of busted up rocks soccer ball size and up. Thats where she got hurt but she's fine now.

The radio quit working in it about a year ago. We came out from shopping and it wouldn't start, nothing to point me to anything so I checked the terminals on the battery. When I grabbed the positive terminal and tried to twist it . It moved and we heard an electrical arc sound from somewhere beneath the drivers side floor board or maybe behind the dash. She was in the vehicle and I was outside it and we both heard it since it was relatively loud for a 12V system.

I pushed it down on the terminal wen back and tried to start it and it fired right up, no issues except the radio no longer worked, CD changer hadn't worked in years but the rest was fine.

Strange and I've been working on cars for better part of 40 years. My Gpa was a retired Ford mechanic getting his start at Packard Motor Car in Milwaukee WI. He taught me everything and I took it from there and was one of only 3 that worked on the EEC PCM control systems on the Aerostar and 2nd thru 4th Gen Explorers at St. Louis Assembly before they closed in 2006. Me and Zero on nights dug through more problems and not a one escaped us in the OBD II systems. I owned my 1990 F-250 HD and had access to FoMoCo's main frame and downloaded the wiring for my truck, not just a 1990 truck my VIN. Shortly after that a couple engineers came by and pulled the carousel out of the SBDS cabinet that contained disks of every Vehicle Ford made and threw them all away but the Aerostar and Explorer ones. Assholes.

At any rate I wanted make sure I've got this thing all set up right. I bought a universal adaptor loom as well as a Maestro interface module but of course my exact model radio isn't listed in the choices to be flashed to it so I may have to go in and do some touch up programming to insure proper functionality. The Suv Woofer has be puzzled. The vehicle has one but the OEM's never use what the after market would consider standard which is RCA jacks. So I have no idea what drives it or is there a separate amp somewhere in vehicle. Most all my work was outside. All the trim work was done by Kato on the trim wall. They handled the BCE buss of all your amenities. I kept everything running from the PCM and A/C systems. I seem to remember an amp being back near the Sub but it really doesn't matter as long as I know what wires go to what I'll be good knowing if I have them all tied back to the interface module correctly.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Sad day last week. Sent our 1993 XLT Explorer to the Salvage yard. 525,679 miles. Replaced transmission twice with rebuilds. Set of pushrods and a whole bunch of Autozone lifetime guarantee parts that On my way home paid for once in 21 years. We bought it in 2000 used with 134,xxx miles on it. It drove to Washington DC for the For Confidence Rally during the height of the Firestone tire issue. Ford sent the two highest senority people who owned an Explorer to drive them to DC ON Sunday and come back on Thursday to be at work Friday. Advanced us $2000 keep records of expenses and our wages 8 hours if we'd do it. I called my wife on Thursday and asked her if she wanted to go to the Baltimore DC area for a week, intook a vacation day for that Friday. One of the best road trips ever with our 1-1/2 year old daughter. While at the rally in RFK stadium a committee was touring the lot picking out which ones would be in the convoy to drive in front of the capital. We were picked because of how good she looked at almost 10 years old we were one of the oldest ones there. Nobody ever touch her but me, I'm like that with all my vehicles. My last one I bought brand new off the showroom floor was my 1990 F-250 HD 460CID E4OD Transmission. Still own it although it need a drive shaft. Odometer says 390,234 but I drove it twice for almost 2 years each time with a broken speedo gear so who knows whats really on it plusbit has tires 2.5" taller than stock since 1992. At any rate I had to share the story of our 93. It deserved better than that but tags were up and it needed a windshield, exhaust, and power steering pump cracked just sitting there one day. It had been rear ended by kids twice and it was totaled both times but fixed back up and made it road worthy. Raised 3 kids in that thing going camping.

Thanks for any help