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Wiring harness kit numbers


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June 8, 2018
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2014 Ford PIU
I'm looking for a very specific wiring harness connector, and I have no leads on how to find it. I am looking for the male end of the WPT-998 connector kit. WPT-998 is an 8 pin connector used on the liftgate that plugs into connector C495 and feeds two license plate lights plus the control and signal wires for the backup camera.

On a vehicle with a backup camera, the master wiring harness that populates the options for the liftgate has connector C495, which is the male end of WPT-998. On vehicles without a backup camera, the master harness has connector C494, which is a 2 pin connector that feeds a smaller harness that only goes to two license plate lamps.

I can buy part WPT-998 from every known retailer on Amazon, eBay, and even from the local dealership. But no one sells, or even has a part number for, the mating end of WPT-998.

Am I going to have to buy another master wiring harness to cut apart to get this male end? Attached is the female end, kit number WPT-998.

AutoNation Ford shows 3U2Z14S411TPA as Discontinued. That would explain the OP's inability to find one.
AutoNation Ford White Bear Lake | Parts & Accessories


It appears so, at least in the US.

The second link I posted seems to show it being available to be shipped from Kharkov, Kiev, or Saint-Petersburg (going from top to bottom on the list).

While the site doesn't seem to be an official dealer, the part number is correct.
It might've have been surplus at Fords Yelabuga plant :dunno:.